How do the finest architects, designers and contractors

         know that we deliver extraordinary quality?

It takes one to know one.

From our draftsmen and craftsman to engineers and field technicians, you'll be impressed with the talent, dedication and smart solutions developed at Eppley.

Embracing old-world craftsmanship. Marrying it with state-of-the art technology. Eppley has all the advanced technology, drafting and engineering capabilities needed for your
Along with age old processes that stand the test of time.

Millwork is all about getting it done properly and on time. Our CNC equipment allows us to offer cutting-edge manufacturing and processing on our premises - offering you a seamless schedule, and eliminating snags that often occur elsewhere when work is done in multiple locations.

 We go above and beyond our competition. We offer superb workmanship, a spectacular work ethic, innovation, equipment and technology.

Our work has been featured in Architectural Digest. Yes, we are often selected to create
high-end custom architectural millwork for many of the most sophisticated residences and projects. That being said, we are happy to speak to you about your project -large or modest.

When your project calls for a high level of expertise, allow us to review your plans and offer a proposal. With quality and value that are impressive, we hope you'll look to Eppley.

Come for a visit. Or just make a call.